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Eritrean government pursuing its pilots defected in United Arab Emirates

E-mail Print PDF - January 19, 2016 :Recently leaked secret message from the Eritrean President's Office, revealed that the Eritrean security services and its various branches have to prosecution of Eritreans pilots and sailors fleeing in the United Arab Emirates after receiving the training since September 06, 2012 until the date of their defect this January 2016 .

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Eritreans in the Middle East to support International Commission (COIEritrea)

E-mail Print PDF 15/01/2016: Eritreans in Diaspora shared through social media a form to be filled out and send to the International Commission on Human rights violation in Eritrea in favor of the report it submitted to the UN last year stating that Eritrean government committed human rights violation which could be a crime against humanity.

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Two Eritrean artists, Aklilu & Yesef abandoned the Eritrean regime

E-mail Print PDF Jan 12, 2015: sources in Melbourne, Australia confirmed, that at least two Eritrean artists abandoned the Eritrean dictatorial regime.

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Yemen thanks Eritrea for its support of the war effort

E-mail Print PDF Jan 02, 2016 - For its role in supporting the coalition, and joining the alliance operations lead by Saudi, Yemen thanked the Eritrean regime along with Saudi and UAE last Friday, 1 January 2016.

A banner, reads: thank you Eritrea was stuck in main street of the city of Aden, South Yemen., with a picture of the Eritrean dictator, Isaias Afwerki.

According to a Yemen website ( Yemeni scene), this comes within the work -sponsored by (Truth Media Corporation) which have already ​​thanked both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates .

On the late of 2009, the International Community imposed sanction against the Eritrean regime for its destructive role in Somali as well as not cooperating to support peace efforts in the Horn of Africa.

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Ethiopia: Eritrean journalist got harassed by Eritrean opposition

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Rubansaba: 29 Nov 2015 - Eritrean journalist residing in Ethiopia got harassed by Eritrean opposition fronts based in Ethiopia.

According to a statement by “Rasd Eritrea net”, a monitoring net, issued on Nov. 25, Mr. Hassan Mohamed Idriss, who reports from Ethiopia, got harassed by the Eritrean opposition fronts which lead to the denial of his residential renewal in Ethiopian based on a complaint by the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA).

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